Getting Eternity into the Hearts of the Next Generation!

Why Are These Stories Special?

"I am thrilled that the kids are memorizing Scripture as they listen over & over. Your interpretation and portrayal of characters is wonderful and makes it exciting to listen to, not just for the kids, but for parents, too."
-- Brenda from PA

Many Christian children today are actually confused about what the Bible really says because the story CD's, story books, and story videos they have in their homes or in church so often add in fictional characters or leave out important information.

The World's Greatest Stories are not simply rewritten Bible stories, or stories about the Bible, or stories that contain Biblical truth. They are the actual Biblical accounts brought to life in a powerfully dramatic way.

Children love stories! Stories fire the imagination and provide role models that children love to imitate. When the role models come directly from Scripture, God uses them in a unique and powerful way to instill in children a desire to emulate Godly character.