Getting Eternity into the Hearts of the Next Generation!

What Others Have Said

"'Absolutely riveting and spell-binding . . . brimming with energy and passion . . . the full gamut of emotional responses . . . seeing and hearing the scriptures come to life!' are but a few of the things that are called to mind as I remember our evening with George Sarris here at Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Birmingham, AL. George has a unique and fresh approach to his dramatic presentations of the unedited, word-for-word stories from the Bible. I can tell you that I will never read the opening passages of the book of Genesis the same after seeing George's presentation of the creation text! His winsome and heartfelt delivery is so captivating for all ages and the impact is significant and lasting. Not only will your church be blessed, but his performance can be used for a highly effective and non-threatening tool for evangelism."

-- Clay Campbell, Minister of Music & Worship
Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birminham, AL

"The 173 men at the retreat were drawn from six churches . . . ranged in age from 17 to 85, and cut across blue collar, unemployed, retired and white collar lines . . . as I looked around the room, I saw tears flowing down the cheeks of many, some rough and tumble, all staring with rapt attention as God ministered through His Word."

-- Gary Lathrop, Pastor for Men's Ministries & Community Life
Evangelical Free Church of Hershey, PA

"George W. Sarris' one-person dramatizations of the Bible are so real that it makes you feel as though you are there. He brings the Word of God to life with an unusual talent that is truly a gift from God. I have never seen such a unique presentation, and I strongly recommend it."

-- William R. Bright, Founder
Campus Crusade for Christ

"You made the Scriptures literally come alive in a magnificent way I have never experienced before . . . I have never seen one person act out the Scriptures as you have, making an absolutely masterful use of different voice-inflections, facial expressions, body movements, simple props . . . The performance was brilliant and inspiring . . . I say this without reservations: Everyone should see or hear your dramatizations. They will be richly blessed by an unusual and, I believe, anointed, experience."
-- Jim Bramlett, Author