Getting Eternity into the Hearts of the Next Generation!

What Others Have Said

"Your Bible stories tape received the ultimate compliment yesterday as I played it for the karate carpool I was driving. A carful of 8-10 year-old boys sat absolutely quiet for 30 minutes, spellbound by your dramatic portrayal of stories from Daniel."
-- Judy from GA

"It's great to see our children riveted, listening to God's Word. I grew up thinking the Bible is dull. Thank you for helping us teach our children otherwise."
-- Helen from WA

"What a wonderful job you did! In fact, I included in my payment enough for 4 more sets of the NIV. I can hardly wait to give them away. It's a good thing I got a set for myself. They're wonderful."
-- Becky from CA

"I would sincerely like to thank you for using your wonderful talents (gifts) to create the 'World's Greatest Stories' series. . . . They are so exciting that we want to hear them over and over and over again, and by doing that, we have practically memorized them!"
-- Christy from OK

"I am so amazed at how full & alive the Scriptures become as your voice changes . . . I'm telling all my friends about them."
-- Virginia from MA

"I am thrilled that the kids are memorizing Scripture as they listen over & over. Your interpretation and portrayal of characters is wonderful and makes it exciting to listen to, not just for the kids, but for parents, too."
-- Brenda from PA

"I listened, captivated by your skillful use of voice and sound effects to convey subtleties of motives and feelings. It allowed my imagination to picture vividly the scenes portrayed. It will be a tremendous tool in helping me memorize, and meditate on God's Word."
-- Joanne from ID

"These are Great! Our five children just love listening to them! I'm so excited to know they are listening to the TRUTH! . . . please do more . . . Your storytelling voice and style, your special effects and music and the word by word reading of God's Word are all so wonderful."
-- Cathy from PA

"Our children listen to them every day at rest/nap time and bedtime. . . . It is such a blessing to have our children loving and memorizing the Word of God."
-- Dawn from CT

"You truly have influenced our children's lives with the Scripture you have brought to life for them. Thank you."
-- Laura from MS

"My family has thoroughly enjoyed your tapes . . . I think they are Excellent! It's impressive to follow along . . . word for word in our NIV Bibles and our girls are enthralled. Thanks for your ministry!"
-- Glady from CA

"My 4-year-old can practically recite the passages in Daniel, and my 2-year-old requests the 'King anezzar' tape. . . . Thank you so much for your creativity. It's really inspired us."
-- Olga from OR